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Support us

Grace City Bible School is about equipping Christians to be knowledgeable in the Scriptures and to be effective in service. This school is unique as it gives in depth biblical teaching, practical ministry training, academic pastoral care, one to one mentoring, training and tutoring to students who may be leaders, stewards, deacons or church members.

To continue to achieve our aims, we appeal for support by way of financial gift contributions to the Grace City Bible School. This is primarily to keep the cost of education for students at a reasonable and affordable level. Gift contributions will also enable us set up Bible Schools in other parts of the world. Currently we are setting up a Bible School in Sierra Leone. There are plans to set this school up in other nations.

Donations are also used for other relevant financial areas that allow the wheels of the machinery of the Bible School, run effectively. Grace City Bible School doesn’t receive any government funding. Student’s fees solely fund the school. Hence our appeal is to benefactors to come alongside us, to promote this unique training of Christians that we offer.

If you would like to make a gift now, you can do so by: 

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–  Send us a cheque addressed to Grace City Bible School
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