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Student notices

Blogs Students are encouraged to share their words of encouragement, short teaching on specific passages or themes in the Bible; poems; prophetic words  etc. through our Blog page
Students can also comment  on other  blogs published.
Students  who share blog messages on this website  will receive extra credit points.
Send in your blog  today to   Pastor Susie


FOR DATES FOR FULL CALENDAR 2022 (term 2 and 3)  see CALENDAR on Student portal

Online Graduation and Completion Ceremony
Date: Saturday 19th March, Time: 6:30pm for 7:00pm start.

Open Mornings for new bible School applicants to join in a class are on
23rd April and 28th May. If you know any one who would like to join in one of our Bible school open morning classes, please email for more details


MP3’s are heard online at the Student Portal and not made available to the public or to students to download and keep.


This is reminder from the Academic Board that students are to hand in assessments  at the deadlines given. Assessments are to be presented to the assessment email address in Word Doc. format (and not as PDF), double line spaced and with the necessary official header with student ID. All assessments should be referenced. Bibliography will also be accepted.


Assessment Deadlines

If a student cannot meet a deadline due to illness or other unforeseeable and pressing circumstance, he/she should email the head of school with their reasons before the deadline. If the reasons given are accepted as extenuating circumstances, an extension of the deadline will be granted the student. Students are given sufficient notice of assessments via their handbooks and this fact will be taken into consideration when determining whether to grant an extension due to extenuating circumstance.

Studies Generally 
Students are asked to attend faithfully and to the best of their ability to all reading assignments, final assessments, punctual attendance at lectures and tutorials and to co-operate with their academic tutor by fulfilling all that is required for tutorials. Knuckling down early and avoiding procrastination to attend to the above is the answer. Students should find or assign regular times to attend to bible school reading, listening to the MP3s and work. Time management and discipline are also graces from God which needs attending to.

Learning Support

Students with any learning disability or difficulty or students who require additional support in their school work in any way should bring this to the attention of the administrator or the skills tutor.


                                      Ascension Gifts

                                      Ascension Gifts