“My overall impression from both lectures is that am learning new things all the time. There are a lot of lessons I was ignorant of especially, the trinity and journaling very new”. Lucreshia

“Very clear material. Very easy to access. Has made studying a lot easier due to the thorough cross referencing and clear explanations”. Olga

“The depth of knowledge and the interesting presentation. The one-to-one discover your ministry portfolio session was very good and makes this school very unique”. Oliver

“They are spirit filled, well presented, full of truth, nourishing, powerful and encouraging. They are well-grounding-will set us up for life”. Samantha

“It’s been an amazing journey so far and can only get better. I have been encouraged to learn/understand Scripture through the bible School from both streams of Ministry portfolio and tutorials and lectures”. Harold

“Excellent teaching, able to relay information so we can understand. The Pastoral Tutor wants best for students. They also added good in-depth information and explanation”. Magaly

“I enjoyed the group tutorials, the environment was relaxed. My overall impression was that the lectures have been well planned and have been led by the spirit”. Kassandra
“The Student Readers had an excellent content and enlightening. My knowledge has increased and I have learnt new things. The knowledge of the lecturers is amazing and they have been able to address questions raised by students. I had a wonderful and thought provoking session with my pastoral tutor. Lecturers delved into different areas of doctrines and the role of the Godhead in different aspects of our Christian existence. I thoroughly enjoyed them and gained knowledge and insight into some areas. Thank you to all the facilitators and administrators”. Clement

“super knowledgeable, informative, elaborate”. Esther

“Lectures were interesting, brought more revelation, funny, true”. Rochelle